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Earn uncapped commissions when you refer new customers to Chatty by becoming an affiliate.

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Chatty was born out of a desire to build a transparent, modern editorial marketplace that puts independents first. We value independence, creativity, and sustainability in every decision we make and every client we work with.

Becoming a Chatty affiliate means you're not just earning additional income—you're helping other creators do the same. Become a part of the Crew, share Chatty with your audience, and help put the free back in freelancing.

Zero to income in 3 easy steps:

Sign up for the program
Click the button below to fill in your affiliate application. Anyone can join—you don't even need to be a Chatty customer.
Share Chatty with your audience
Promote your unique Chatty link from your website, social channels, emails, or shout it from the rooftops. We won't judge.
Start earning
Earn your commission when new customers you refer start a project or become a Chatty Pro subscriber. The more you promote Chatty, the more you'll earn.

Your burning affiliate questions, answered

Where do I find my affiliate link?
Log into your Chatty Portal and click on Affiliates in the left-hand menu. Here's a handy link to save you some clicks.
Can I change my affiliate link?
Not right now, but you can shorten it using your favorite link-shortening service.
Where does my affiliate link point?
By default, affiliate links will direct your audience to our home page (https://chatty.so).

You can redirect to a different page (for example, our Chatty Pro landing page) by appending ?p=features to your affiliate link (for example, https://clients.chatty.so/r/ABCDE?p=pro).
Can I offer a discount to my audience?
Sure! Reach out at help@chatty.so and we'd be happy to discuss your options.
How much can I earn?
You'll earn $40 for every new on-demand customer you refer to Chatty. You'll also earn an additional $100 for every Chatty Pro subscriber you refer.
What attribution model are you using?
We use 1st-click attribution with a 30-day window.
I still have more questions!
That's not even a question, but we'll let this one slide. Just drop us an email at help@chatty.so and we'd be happy to take care of you.
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