Emily Olson



10+ years


Rhode Island, USA


English (US)

Joined the crew

Nov 18, 2021

Last Updated

Nov 23, 2021

Emily is an editor with more than 20 years of experience in publishing. Her expertise lies in shaping content to ensure it is clear, concise and draws the reader in with a good story.


Motif magazine

I was the editor of the only free arts and entertainment paper in Rhode Island from 2011 - 2021. My role was to help writers choose a story, determine their story direction, secure resources and polish the article in preparation for publication.

Chazan! Unfiltered

I was the editor on a biographical graphic novel that went on to win two indie book awards. I was brought in on the project after script completion, and worked on it from 2019 - 2021. My responsibilities were fact-checking, ensuring story flow, compiling the book's index and proofreading. neverenoughbooks.com

Ave. Magazine

I was the managing editor on this one-off publication designed to highlight public art in Rhode Island. My role, from 2016 - 2017, was to plan, assign and edit articles for the publication.

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