Jeff White

Editor of Web Content


5-10 years


Salt Lake City, USA


English (US)

Joined the crew

Nov 22, 2021

Last Updated

Nov 23, 2021

Jeff is an editor, writer, and small business expert that has spent his career building content and growing businesses. He's been featured in a number of well known publications such as Forbes Advisor, The Week, The Balance, USNews,, Yahoo! Finance, and The Street.

Additionally, Jeff is a respected and known editor throughout the online content industry. He's edited for sites like Forbes, Investopedia, Fit Small Business, and more. He's built content strategies and taught hundreds of writers how to effectively write for the web through his own freelance business and through working with startups and small businesses.

If Jeff isn't buried face first in improving content you'll probably find him at whatever kid's activity happened to fall on that day. His dream is to one day live on his sailboat and see the corners of the world you can't easily get to by airplane.


Black Creek Capital

2021 Market Outlook for Real Estate Investing. Finished the project in December 2020.


Various projects from March 2021 to September 2021. One example can be found here:

Edited web content for between May 2020 and February 2021. One example can be found here:

Edited content for from 2016 - 2020. I created the editorial processes and edited the work of many writers. Examples of a vertical I created and worked with all the writers on can be found here:

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