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Denver, CO


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May 31, 2021

Projects Completed


Kieran is both the founder of Chatty and an expert editorial consultant helping tech companies around the world unlock their stories and create engaging editorial.


Tradecraft (ConvertKit)

I was the editor of Tradecraft, ConvertKit's digital magazine for creators, for two years. I worked with a team of six freelance writers, guest contributors, and expert sources to craft 3 articles each week on email marketing, audience growth, social media, creativity, and more. One highlight was working with Marijana Kay to craft her piece on creator burnout.


I've contributed a range of feature narratives to Productboard's blog, highlighting how the best product teams in the world build new features, from how customer service giant Intercom launched their Macros feature to a profile on design platform Figma's dedication to delight. I also wrote an in-depth ebook on Product Excellence, along with a report on the state of product management that garnered over a thousand downloads in the first week alone.


I recently worked alongside freelance writer Dana Nicole to edit an ebook on Customer Delight 101 for user behavioural analysis platform Hotjar.

Editing samples

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Kieran's editorial strengths

Structure and Flow
Ideation and Creativity
Clarity and Conciseness
Coaching and Motivation

Topics Kieran is familiar with

Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Project Management
Web Design
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