Meena Azzollini

Health and Wellness Content Writer


6-10 years


Adelaide, Australia


English (AUS)
English (UK)
English (US)

Joined the crew

Sep 2, 2022

Projects Completed


Meena is a health and wellness writer from Australia. She is also a feature article writer for national health and wellness print magazines and contributes articles and blogs to various websites globally.

As a content writer and content creator, Meena specializes in creating effective content for various health and wellness-based businesses and empowers them with words that make a connection with their audience.

While she is extremely passionate about health and wellness, Meena also develops content for various industries ranging from marketing, design, and lifestyle, to parenting, and social and environmental issues.

Meena is also an artist, a creator, and a graphic designer with a background in copywriting, advertising, and event management.


Have worked with various small to mid-sized health and wellness clients, helping them improve and grow their engagement with their audience and establish their authority through effective content, particularly evidence-based blogs.

Have also developed various other types of content from newsletters and ebooks to gated content, whitepapers and case studies, and social media content, particularly Linkedin.

Some clients include:

Mable: They provide disability support in Australia and I have been working with them to develop content hubs on various topics.

Nature's Gold: They develop products from local Manuka honey. I manage their blogs on a monthly basis.

Luvly: UK-based facial exercise expertise and developer of face yoga app. Working with them to write blog content.

Workplace Wellbeing: New Zealand-based business that helps organisations improve workplace wellbeing and health. Created gated content for them based on mental health.

Editing samples

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Publications Meena has worked with

Meena's editorial strengths

Clarity and Conciseness
Grammar and Accuracy
Structure and Flow
Storytelling and Resonance
Scheduling and Management
Ideation and Creativity
Coaching and Motivation

Topics Meena is familiar with

Content Marketing
Mental Health
Personal Growth
Social Issues
Social Media
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