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Exceptional editors are worth their weight in gold — but connecting with the writers and publishers who need the kind of work you love to do isn't easy.

Chatty gives you access to the editorial community you always wanted. With everything you need to grow your clientele, share your expertise, and (most importantly) get paid, joining the Chatty Crew is the best way to coach, collaborate, and create alongside expert writers.

"Oh, so THIS is what's it's like working with a total pro."
Sean Blanda
Director of Content, Crossbeam

Chatty is ideal for writers who want skilled editorial insights that go well beyond a basic review. The depth of feedback provided and questions asked have helped me be a better, more confident writer and to better understand what truly great writing looks like.

Kaleigh Moore, freelance writer
Match with clients you love
You choose the industries, content types, and editing styles you want to work in. We'll match you with writers and publishers from across the globe looking for exactly what you offer.
Push your creative limits
Build valuable relationships with writers, publishers, and content managers who trust your expertise and guidance — so you can help them write with confidence.
Show off your talents
Customize your Chatty profile with your background, services, and portfolio, or publish your writing on the Chatty blog to boost your visibility — and your income.
Choose your workload
Take on one or two clients for a quick income boost — or use Chatty to build your entire freelance business. You're always in control of what, who, and when you edit.
Get paid, fast
Stop chasing down invoices and start getting paid. We keep payment simple by securing your full rate from the client upfront and releasing your funds as soon as your projects are finished.
Share in the Crew's success
On top of your freelance income, we share a portion of our profits with our crew of freelancers. The more you contribute, the more you earn.

Still have questions? We've got answers

What are you looking for in an editor?
Professional editorial experience: You have a proven track record of successfully editing long-form editorial content. In-house, agency or freelance are all fine, and we don't mind how many years you've been in the business — but you must have experience working in editorial, not just as a writer.

An eye for detail: You should have a demonstrated ability to guide writers across structure, style, coherence, and clarity (and, for bonus points, SEO), balancing feedback with encouragement to bring out the best in every story — and in every writer.

A range of expertise and interests: No matter whether you specialize in editing for software companies or soft-serve carts, you have a passion for your field — and the knowledge to match.

Motivation to help: You can communicate why you're editing something, not simply fix mistakes. We're more than just a glorified spell-checker — our editors also act as both teammates and teachers, helping writers find the right words and improve over time.

Familiarity with common tooling: You should be comfortable working in Google Docs, Google Drive, popular blogging platforms, and other common industry tools.

A willingness to adapt: You'll join us on the ground floor, helping shape our community culture, editorial processes, and growth potential as we aim for the top together.
What kind of work is available?
Chatty serves independent writers, content teams, and publishers across a wide range of industries, topics, and content types sharing content on a regular basis. Whether you prefer getting your hands dirty with writing coaching or in-and-out copyediting, you're sure to find the clients who could benefit from your expertise. The more you participate, the better we can match you with the kinds of editing clients you love to work with!

A few examples of the types of content you might edit:
- Substack newsletters
- Longform essays
- Evergreen blog posts
- Blog post outlines
- Personal essays
- Feature interviews
- Case studies
- Press releases
- Social media posts
- Kickstarter pages
- Ebooks

Like our editors, each Chatty client is carefully vetted before we admit them to our marketplace, so you can be sure you're only working with the best of the best.
How hands-on will the work be?
You get to choose the level and depth of the projects you take on. Your profile lets you select the types of editing work you're looking for, from straightforward copyediting to developmental and structural editing, writing coaching, and more. Chatty makes it easy to offer both one-off editing projects and monthly editing retainers for your favorite clients. You can also make extra revenue by offering optional Pair Edits, where you join the writer on a video call to give live editing feedback and answer questions.
How much can I earn?
You get to set your own editing rates for each project and client. The more you participate, the more clients we can send your way!
Do you charge fees?
Chatty is free to sign up and start freelancing. Right now we're not charging fees to connect you with editing projects while we build out our project management platform. Once we do begin charging for projects, we'll charge clients a platform fee on every project so we can keep providing you with project leads, support, and more.
How do you select freelancers?
We only take on a small number of applicants at a time to maintain our quality standards. Our curation team reviews new freelancer applications once a week to select those that merit inclusion in the Chatty Crew. While each decision is somewhat subjective (we are humans, after all), we analyze a list of criteria to determine the strength of applicants, including your past editing experience, the strength of your editorial portfolio, and the depth of feedback you share with writers. We also keep a watchful eye on the Crew to ensure we offer a sufficient number of editors in each industry, vertical, and content type.
How do I get paired with clients?
Chatty gives you two options for finding editing clients. Through your Chatty profile, potential clients can view your expertise and desired editing styles before messaging you directly with project proposals — we'll soon add the ability for them to pay for projects (and for you to set your project rates) right from your profile. You can also choose to optionally participate in our Chatty Plans for Individuals and Teams where we offer fixed-price editing packages to writers looking for more hands-on help with their writing, and publishers seeking a plug-and-play editorial team.
What if I'm not a full-time freelancer?
That's OK! Since you're in control of how much work you take on, Chatty's the perfect complement to your existing freelance client base — or an existing in-house content or editorial role.
Are you hiring writers, illustrators, or other freelancers?
Right now we're focusing only on editing, but as we grow our client network we'll be looking for brand journalists, illustrators, fact-checkers, strategists, and more! If you're not an editor but are still interested in joining Chatty, send us an email at hello@chatty.so with a few details about your background and experience and we'll keep you in the loop as we grow our platform.
Can I create my own freelancer profile?
Of course! Every member of the Chatty Crew gets a customized profile where you can demonstrate your skills, show off your best work, and share the kinds of editing work you're willing to take on.

Right now we're still busy building our self-service platform — once you're selected to join the Crew, we'll walk you through the process of creating your Chatty profile and offer tips on how to present yourself and your work in the best light possible.
Who's behind Chatty?
Chatty is run by Kieran Tie, a veteran editor and freelance writer with bylines at ConvertKit, Invision, Productboard, Hotjar, GoDaddy, and many more.
Do you have a standard freelancer contract?
How do I get started?
We're always on the lookout for experienced, professional editors to join our fast-growing editorial team. Apply to be a part of the Chatty Crew today!

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