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We've made it easy to hire and work with the best freelance editorial talent. With pre-vetted talent, expert hand-matching, and convenient project management, you can level up your content—and save yourself hours.

how it works

5 simple steps to content perfection

Expert editorial so easy you'll wonder why this hasn't been around before.
#1: Submit your project

You've got an editorial project that needs some work.

Maybe you need a second set of eyes for a single blog post. Or every newsletter. Or even a full-time managing editor. Whatever you need, Chatty has the right talent for you.
#2: Get matched

We'll find the perfect freelancer for the job.

We'll hand-match you with one of our talented freelancers (like Luis over here) or a whole team. Typically this happens within a few hours, but we'll search our network until we find the perfect fit.


Copy editor and B2B salesperson
"Can't wait to work with you!"

Ebook editing

7 days
Start Project
#3: submit a project

Tell us about your project.

We'll walk you through the process of setting up your project. Transparent pricing and recommended rates means there's never any surprises.
#4: get expert feedback

Your freelancer gets to work.

Get expert editorial help for a fraction of the cost of agencies. Payment is held in escrow until you’ve reviewed the work. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
"What do you think?"
#5: continue working together

Rinse and repeat.

No more wasted time vetting freelancers or hiring agencies. Send your Crew Member more projects, or match with a different freelancer. Set up Publication Profiles to quickly onboard new team members.

Chatty is ideal for writers who want skilled editorial insights that go well beyond a basic review. The depth of feedback provided and questions asked have helped me be a better, more confident writer and to better understand what truly great writing looks like.

Kaleigh Moore, freelance writer and chatty client

Why choose Chatty?

We think we stack up pretty well against the competition. But we'll let you decide.
💙   Build relationships with vetted freelancers
🧰   Tools to manage your content operations
💰   Easy payments, no minimums or lock-ins
🎤   Expert talent available within 48 hours
🏅   Quality guaranteed or your money back
🤯   Mind-blowing customer support
🏆   Easy to hire different types of talent
🤦   No vetting of freelancers
😡   Deal with problems yourself
🛠️   Can cover a wide range of projects
💸   Costs $$$$$
🔐   High minimums and long contracts
💙   Work with the same person over time
🔎   Difficult to find the right talent
🧯   No guarantees of getting it right
🏎   Work fast, publish often
🌱   Hard to grow without the right feedback
🕰️   Less time for growing your business

Ready to meet your match?

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