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If you're a fast-growing SaaS, ecommerce, or media company, image is everything. You'd never dream of launching a half-baked feature, or sending an order in a plain brown box. But when it comes to your blog, it's hard to maintain that level of quality when you're doing everything yourself. Freelancers are fickle, execs are paying attention, and your budget's on the line.

Don't worry: we've got your back. Chatty is the easiest way to hire expert content editors, on demand. Match with vetted content editors for your blog posts, ebooks, landing pages, and more—whenever you need them, at a fraction of agency prices—and start publishing with confidence.

"Oh, so THIS is what's it's like working with a total pro."
Sean Blanda
Director of Content, Crossbeam

Chatty is ideal for writers who want skilled editorial insights that go well beyond a basic review. The depth of feedback provided and questions asked have helped me be a better, more confident writer and to better understand what truly great writing looks like.

Kaleigh Moore, freelance writer and chatty client
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Chatty is the world's only dedicated editorial talent network. With pre-vetted editorial talent, expert hand-matching, and easy project management, Chatty makes it easy to add a proven content editor to your content team in 24 hours (or less).

Proven, vetted talent.
Match with vetted editorial experts in just a few hours. No more time wasted scouring pitches or interviewing freelancers.
Pay-as-you-go flexibility. Zero commitment.
Build your Crew with zero risk, retainers, or long-term commitment. Pay securely only for the projects you need, when you need them.
Review and approve every project risk-free.
Payment is held in escrow until you approve the work. And if  you're not happy, get a full refund of your project fee—no questions asked.

Love it, or it’s on us.

We know it's hard to see how valuable a great content editor can be without first trying it out.

Give Chatty a test ride. Either you love the service and find it a huge value for you and your writing, or we'll give you a full refund of your project fee—no questions asked.

"...the very definition of professional."
Dani Stewart
Content Manager, ConvertKit

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