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Plug an expert content editor into your workflow and get feedback on every word, so you can publish with confidence — all at a flat rate per month. It's editing, the way it should be.

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Scaling your output without sacrificing quality takes a great editor — but finding a great editor ain't exactly a walk in the park. Great freelance editors are hard to find, agencies are expensive, and sorting the wheat from the chaff in freelance marketplaces takes more time than it's worth.

Chatty lets you plug an expert editor directly into your content team, ready to give feedback whenever you need it. Whether you need a quick fix or a thorough overhaul, our crack team of world-class editors and pro writing coaches give expert feedback and guidance on every word — so you can maintain quality, hit every client deadline, and publish with confidence.

It's editing — the way it should be.

"Oh, so THIS is what's it's like working with a total pro."
Sean Blanda
Director of Content, Crossbeam

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Send us your writing

Submit as many editing requests as you like through your personal client portal, email, or via Slack.

We edit for you

Our team will review your request, then your personal editor will get to work improving your writing.

Rinse and repeat

Once your request is complete, we'll let you know — and automatically start working on the next editing request in your queue.

On-demand editing built for:

Tired of burning precious hours editing (and re-editing) pieces from freelance writers? Whether you need a quick fix or a thorough overhaul, make every word count with one of our nimble, creative, professional editors who understands your brand and voice — so you can get back to the work that moves the needle.

🪴 Scale up or down without fixed contracts
🏆 Publish content you're proud of
🧰 Eliminate creative bottlenecks
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No more sweating over every sentence. No more relying on friends or family to give their two cents. Get feedback every step of the way and tap one of our professional, affordable editors to tweak launch copy, optimize emails, and sharpen your content. We’ll help you get your story out there—so you can focus on creating more of it.

🚀 Submit as many pieces as you want
💬 Find your voice and share your story
📈 Spend less time writing and more time growing
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Struggling with quality as you scale? Our team of world-class editors are available at the touch of a button, so you can maintain quality across your writing team, multiply your output, and deliver your best work to clients — without disrupting your workflow.

💰 Reduce risk with predictable costs
🏆 Maintain consistent content quality
🕰️ Hit every client deadline
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Unlimited requests and revisions
Submit as many blog posts, essays, newsletters, and stories for professional editing as you like. Plus, with unlimited revisions, we'll keep editing until your writing is word-perfect.
The friendliest editors in town
We match you with one of our carefully-vetted editors who has an eye for details, understands your brand and audience, and — most importantly — knows you by name.
More than just a spell check
With Chatty, you get more than just an edit. Every Chatty editor is trained to edit every word for style, structure, coherence, and clarity, so you can be confident every piece you publish is the best it can be.
Effortless management
Our editors plug into your existing content workflow, leaving comments and suggestions in the tools you're used to. We're bringing the in-house editing service out in the open.
Customize your content
We'll ensure your editors stick to your style guides — or we'll help you create one if you haven't already. We'll even white label our editing feedback if you work with clients.
Zero commitment
Try any of our services risk-free. If  you're not happy with our service, get a full refund of your membership fee within 30 days — no questions asked.

Choose the right editing plan for your business

World-class editors • Fast turnaround • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Chatty for Teams

Plug a professional editor into your content team or agency, and get peace of mind your content is the best it can be — all at a flat rate per month.
Per month
Unlimited editing requests and revisions for blog posts, newsletters, ebooks, social copy, PPC copy, UX copy, and more
Add unlimited team members and collaborators with advanced permissions
Work with a dedicated editor and client success manager
White-glove onboarding, style guide migration, and white-label editing feedback
Submit editing requests through email, Zapier, or our API (coming soon)
Perfect for marketing teams, content agencies, media companies, and software companies
Avg. 1-2 day turnarounds on requests
30-day money back guarantee

Not sure which plan is right for you?
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Love it, or it’s on us.

We know it's hard to see how valuable a great editor can be without first trying it out.

Give Chatty a test ride. Either you love the service and find it a huge value for you and your writing, or we'll give you a full refund of your membership fee within 30 days — no questions asked.
"...the very definition of professional."
Dani Stewart
Content Manager, ConvertKit

Still have questions? We've got answers

What does unlimited really mean?
With a Chatty subscription, you can request as many editing tasks as you like. Our editors will work on the requests in your queue every business day. You can have as many edit requests in your queue as you like, and you can adjust the order at any time. If we don't get it right the first time, not to worry—revisions are unlimited too.
Can't I just find an editor on Upwork or Fiverr?
Sure, you could — but you'll have to sort through all the editors yourself. You'll have to wait much longer to get candidates. And you might not have as much experience selecting pro editors as we do. If you want to find the perfect editor in in 72 hours without the headache of sourcing talent yourself, Chatty is the best place to do it!
Who will be editing my writing?
We work with a crew of carefully-vetted expert editors that can help with everything from structural improvements to voice and tone to copyediting. Whatever you need to bring your stories to life, we can help.

See how we select editors for the Chatty Crew →
How long will it take to get my edits back?
Editing requests on Teams plans average 1-2 business days to complete. If you really need something faster, you can always chat with your editor on Slack so they can try to accommodate your needs. Turnaround times vary based on how complex your writing piece is, how many changes it needs, and the number of active requests in your queue. Remember, too, that while you can add as many items to your queue at a time as you like, we only work on a single edit at a time before starting on the next.
What if I'm not satisfied with my editor?
If you're not happy with the work your editor provides, we'll gladly pair you up with a different editor until you find one you're satisfied with! If we absolutely can't find someone who meets your expectations, we'll happily refund your fee.
What kinds of writing do you edit?
Chatty is built mainly for those publishing online on a regular basis — think newsletter writers, bloggers, content marketers, and freelancers. We're not a great fit for lengthy one-off projects like editing books.

You can check out the full list of content types on our pricing page.
Who's behind Chatty?
Chatty is run by Kieran Tie, a veteran editor and freelance writer with bylines at ConvertKit, Invision, Productboard, GoDaddy, and many more.

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