Product Updates

A steady stream of product updates and improvements for your reading pleasure.

March 4, 2022

👩‍💻 Build your custom Chatty Crew

Have a bunch of projects you need edited quickly? Want to assign projects on different topics (or for different clients) to different editors? Just feel like trying something new? You can now build out your own custom Chatty Crew in our Portal! Check out everyone you’ve worked with in the past, save your favorites for easy access, and start a project with one click from the Your Crew page. Or search the entire Crew by keyword, topic, content category, and more (and select your favorites) in the Crew Directory.

March 3, 2022

✏️ An updated Project request form

We’ve rebuilt our project request form from the ground up to capture more detail and give you more flexibility in how you submit new projects. The new form guides you through adding a comprehensive editor’s brief, including reference links (for example, external voice and style guides or comparable blog posts), content category, word count, and the ability to select which editor you’d like to use for each project from your Crew. On-demand customers also get upfront pricing for each project, so there’s no surprises. Keep your eyes peeled for more improvements here soon!

Check out how you can create the perfect Project brief →

March 2, 2022

📊 A revamped Pro plan built for scale

Based on feedback from you (thanks so much!), we’ve rebuilt our Chatty Pro service plan from the ground up to solve your daily editorial challenges and cater to everyone from independent freelancers to high-volume content teams. Get exclusive access to concierge onboarding and training, a dedicated Writer Advocate, bonus credit on editing, and premium features and upgrades for 12 months, so you can make the most of your editorial. (If you’re on one of our legacy Unlimited plans, you’ll get access to all the new Pro features as well!)

Check out the new Chatty Pro plan